Ensuring Hands-On Confidence

We train diverse teams and busy people to use enersight™ for its full planning advantage.

Our training is practical, with examples designed to help asset planners, operations and corporate teams gain hands-on experience. Users become familiar with the entire planning workflow that enersight supports with a focus on system benefits for their specific role and objectives.

On-Site Training

For many, the best way to learn is in your own work environment. We offer a range of on-site training courses which we can schedule and structure to suit your team. Request On-Site Training in Canada, the United States, Australia and all other regions

One-day basic course – Introduces new users to enersight key features and functionality.

One-day advanced course – Focuses on teaching your teams how to maximize their planning activities using specific features of the system.

Custom on-site coaching – Focuses on helping your team solve specific development planning challenges that you identify.

Project reviews – Working from an existing field development planning model built by your team, trainers help you optimize use of enersight to ensure the best possible planning results.

Annual User Conferences

enersight user conferences are held annually world-wide to invite existing users to share experiences and take advantage of continuous system enhancement. New feature news is also shared with users upon release of product updates. View the annual user conference schedule.

Public User Training Courses

enersight offers year round public courses that cover key features and enhancements to the software. These training classes allow new users to gain experience and provide an update on new features for more advanced users. Training workshops are held year round in several cities.  View the enersight user training courses.