POC Program

Try enersight™ on Your Project With a Proof of Concept

How would your team perform with better oil and gas planning intelligence? The best way to evaluate the capabilities of enersight is to see it in action.

We offer one to two week pilots where our consultants work with your team to develop a preliminary field development model for one of your assets. We’ll show you how a field development model in enersight can transition seamlessly from an initial appraisal phase into a realizable development plan all the way through to ongoing operational planning and performance tracking.

With a POC program, you get hands-on experience using enersight to assess the system’s capabilities based on your specific development planning requirements.

How Does the Program Work?

Set up – enersight consultants work directly with your teams to:

  • Determine the scope and objectives of constructing a model for one field.
  • Build a baseline field development model in enersight from your existing spreadsheet data or modelling tool.
  • Demonstrate how enersight adds insight and value to your planning process.

1 to 2 week trial – After the initial set up, your team has access to enersight and support from our consultants to:

  • Further explore enersight rich capabilities.
  • Gain hands-on confidence in using enersight.
  • Expand or add to the baseline model.

Define Your POC

Let us help you identify a planning development project suited for an enersight POC. Contact Us and we can help.

At the completion of the proof of concept, we are confident that the next steps will be to move to full implementation of the enersight planning system in your asset team and across the organization.