Rapid System Readiness

enersight™ is a cloud-based system accessed by client users via a web browser. By now, the implementation advantages of cloud-based technology are familiar to all of us: there’s no software to install, no surprise delays or costs due to hardware limitations, and IT departments can stay on path with pre-existing priorities.

New accounts can be added anytime, ensuring new users are productive on the team right away.

Customized System Set Up

Whether you are transitioning from using Excel™ for planning or other software tools, we work hands-on with you in the transition to enersight. Getting quickly from your current planning environment to enersight with our assistance allows your team to focus on enersight’s value-added capabilities like scenario analysis and what-if modelling instead of data migration and manipulation.

You know your development goals, your data and your operations. Our implementation team gain a deep understanding of your operations and planning process to ensure the system is configured according to your unique workflows and requirements. Our implementation team is available to input your development planning data – asset by asset – into enersight. We can then help you build baseline models for all of your development projects.

Data Integration Assistance

During implementation we identify what data needs to be integrated with enersight, or pushed out from enersight to another system within your organization. Our technical team has performed dozens of enersight integration projects with commonly used adjacent systems and can advise on methodology and steward the project.

Private Cloud Installation

In the event that your company has a system or data storage policy that requires you to set up private cloud-based access to enersight, we offer custom installations at an additional cost.

Do A Pilot With Us – enersight POC Program

The best way to fully evaluate enersight’s capabilities is to see it in action.

We offer one to two week pilots where our implementation team work with your team to develop a preliminary field development model for one of your assets. Find out more.