Experienced Guidance Anytime

3esi-Enersight consultants are experienced oil and gas development planners, many with more than 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

The team has helped many of the global oil and gas leaders utilize enersight™ to create an integrated workflow encompassing corporate planning, budgeting, operations and performance evaluation on projects including shale, LNG, SAGD, CBM, high well count and offshore plays.

We help optimize use of enersight for annual planning, operational performance tracking and key phases of growth and expansion. Here are some examples of how we may offer expert assistance.

Field Development Planning

Our experienced team is available to help you fully utilize enersight to create detailed full-life field development models of one or more of your assets. Our first objective with a new client or team is typically to assist with the completion of the initial field development modelling and reconciliation work of one or more assets, leaving the team with sufficient knowledge and confidence to maintain the models going forward.

We’re always available to come back periodically in a coaching roll to review the model(s) and provide expert guidance, additional training and audits as your users gain experience and confidence using enersight.

And, if you’re just plain short of staff, we can come is as needed to work as part of your team at any time.

Operational Planning

Once the initial field development model is created, your team turns its focus to the execution and performance tracking of the plan. We can be there to show you how to efficiently manage your operational drilling schedule in enersight, track ready-to-drill statuses, quickly update near-term drilling activity and layer in actuals.

We’ll then show you how to compare the impact operational changes and actuals have on year-end production targets, capital spend rates and key performance indicators.

enersight can take the surprises out of your year-end results. It gives you the information needed to manage your business and adjust activities to deal with deviations from the initial plan.

Consulting Experience At-A-Glance

Here is a cross-section of our consulting project experience.

  • CBM planning
    • Coal Seam Gas LNG project in Australia
  • Tight Oil planning
    • Tight oil planning in the U.S.
  • SAGD planning
    • SAGD Optimization in Alberta
    • Steam drive project in the U.S.
  • CSS/ CO2 planning
    • CSS optimization in Canada
    • CO2 EOR project in the U.S.
  • Shale Gas planning
    • Marcellus Shale Gas projects
    • Eagleford Unconventional projects
    • Shale gas business planning in Canada

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