Service Overview

Expert Counsel, Industry-Leading Support

Whether your company is working on fields familiar to you or moving into brave new territory, 3esi-Enersight can help you evaluate all your development alternatives and then put a process in place allowing you to track and manage asset performance during the execute phase.

On a wide range of oil and gas play types, 3esi-Enersight consultants provide guidance from initial field development planning for a single asset through to consolidation and presentation of all asset development plans as a corporate budget. We serve every client with efficient implementation, helpful support and ongoing training.

Full Implementation Assistance

Do a pilot with us – enersight Proof of Concept / POC program. The best way to fully evaluate enersight’s capabilities is to see it in action. We offer one to two-week pilots where our consultants work with your team to develop a preliminary field development model for one of your assets. Find out more.