enersight™ is delivered as a highly scalable cloud-based computing platform with high availability and dependability. Users access enersight via a web browser anywhere, any time with the benefit of expert support.

Client Technology

  • enersight is a pure web application and can run on most client browsers (IE 10+ and Chrome are recommended, although other browsers and tablets also function)
  • Dashboard technology designed for mobile and desktop browsers
  • Zero install required
  • Calculations are done on the server cluster for maximum performance and access to huge computing resources


  • Highly segregated hosting environment that only hosts the application. No direct connections to other networks
  • Dual form authentication and SAML are supported
  • All communications are required to be encrypted with HTTPS
  • Security Appliances are owned and operated by enersight (Firewall, Load Balancers etc.).
  • Dual data centers for DR planning and redundancy
  • Client data is encrypted at rest
  • Aggressive and tested data backup policy
  • Regular 3rd party penetration tests and audits passed
  • SOC 2 Audit report implementation underway (Oct 2015)

Product Technology

  • Microsoft ASP.Net 4.0 Application running on Windows Server 2012
  • Highly scalable calculation engine can access the over 250 calculation cores currently installed
  • Microsoft SQL 2014 Database
  • Private Clouds and Client located installation are available if requested


enersight may be integrated with a multitude of adjacent systems or data sources during implementation.

Accounting Production
Analysis Well
SAP™ ProCount™ ARIES™ SpotFire™ WellView™ RigView™
Oracle™ Avocet™ OFM™ Tableau™ ArcGIS™ Primavera™
Quorom™ Carte™ PHDWin™ Excel™ IHS™ SigmaFlow™
Enertia™ Peep™

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