Operations Teams

Activity Scheduling – Secure production dates

Are you certain you’ll hit production and capital targets promised?

Operations teams require visibility and control of activity schedules to meet production and capital targets. With asset complexity increasing, it’s become more difficult to manage an accurate schedule that incorporates criteria including permitting, lease access, seasonal restrictions, resource availability, proximity restrictions, continuous drilling obligations and more.

enersight™ provides one comprehensive schedule to visualize current activity, track well status, easily make updates, and stay certain of production schedules and estimates.

One comprehensive schedule – simple to setup


Rig line and Gantt schedule for short and long term plan

enersight reduces time and error risk in building pre-drill and production schedules and generates one centralized schedule to meet production and capital targets.

  • One central schedule for all assets
  • Automatically build drilling schedules
  • Schedule share with asset planners and corporate teams to align plans and ease communications

 Monitor and make schedule updates easily

Scheduler - Scheduler Tasks

Manage drilling steps and see the effect of schedule changes on production dates and volume

enersight makes it simple to monitor and make schedule updates so you can focus more time on achieving production estimates., keeping you aprised daily of latest estimates.

  • Easily monitor progress and adjust schedule to achieve plans
  • Track ready-to-drill status of each well and status overall
  • Track permits, regulatory steps, well licenses and site restrictions
  • Drag-n-drop wells to change drill order or duration
  • Drag-n-drop to add or remove rigs or crews
  • Update any well attribute directly in the Gantt chart

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enersight - The Difference

  • Comprehensive -

    Factors in more variables, dependencies and risks than any other system. Accurate for diverse, conventional and unconventional plays.

  • Visual -

    Intuitive project view for faster company-wide decisions including quick comparisons of development options.

  • Unified -

    Asset, facilities, operations and executive teams share access to one planning and scheduling system with accurate, multi-source data.

  • Cloud Based -

    Cross-company access, rapid analysis, protected data, zero install, low total cost of ownership.

  • Complete view -

    Drill in on specific assets or see all business units at a glance – all modelled with consistent and reliable accuracy.

  • Real-time reporting -

    On demand latest estimates, budgets and rollup reports available to cross-company divisions.

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