Feb 16, 2016

Message from President Neil Buckley: Enersight unites with 3esi to bring more value to customers

We wish to share with you that as of February 16 2016, Enersight Corporation and 3esi are merging to form 3esi-Enersight. The two companies are combining our organizations and product portfolios and now globally support customers with a unified, experienced services and strategic consulting team.

Enersight has a long-held vision to continuously define the highest standard in petroleum planning accuracy and efficiency. 3esi holds a parallel vision. United, 3esi-Enersight becomes the new global leader in solutions for integrated strategy, planning, and execution in upstream oil and gas.

For the last decade, with the trust of our customers, Enersight has immersed ourselves in providing the best software to accurately answer the oil and gas industry’s most complex planning questions. Today, enersight is the source for insight to make development decisions involving billions in assets for both conventional and unconventional plays in regions all over the world.

We are very proud of the value we provide. But we aim to do more – offer greater enterprise integration, and be in more places around the world. For years we have competed with 3esi while admiring their global presence, growth ambition and the way they tenaciously pursue our shared vision. Today we are joining forces.

So some things are changing, but the most important things remain the same.

enersight Software as Usual

The cloud-hosted application that enersight customers rely on will be a proud new component of the integrated Asset Development solution provided by 3esi-Enersight. The name won’t change, services and support will continue, and so will the product’s innovation.

Value for Customers

“Bringing 3esi and Enersight together greatly enhances the end-to-end technology platform and expertise available to our customers and the global market. 3esi-Enersight now provides fully integrated planning solutions that improves the quality of information going into planning, the strategic insight coming out of planning, and the ability to track and measure actual performance against a plan in near real time.”
– Neil Buckley, Executive Vice President, Products, 3esi-Enersight

“For more than 10 years, both 3esi and Enersight have successfully helped upstream companies make better planning decisions, through best of breed solutions across their organizations. Today we are uniting our strengths to provide greater value to customers through integrated data and workflows across strategy, planning, and execution.”
– Wayne Sim, CEO of 3esi-Enersight

Thank you to enersight users, partners and the community that supports and inspires us. The challenges in today’s energy industry give all of us opportunity to find new ways to excel. Join us.

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