Nov 23, 2015

Linking Aries And Enersight in Minutes

Data Integration Series – Aries Integration with Enersight
Author: Josh Groves

The oil and gas industry faces major data integration challenges. Most companies rely on several software applications to plan a single well. With each software application being continuously updated with newer data, it’s common for users to be asked:

  • “Could you update the plan to use the latest operational production forecasts?”
  • “Could you rerun that scenario using budget forecasts instead?”
  • “Could you ensure that the land interests are up-to-date?”

It should be trivial for employees to perform these tasks. However, for most employees the thought of importing data from one system to another triggers frustration. Poor integration between disconnected software applications often forces employees to create their own integration. This means that employees are stuck transforming disparate pieces of information into usable data. Worse, employees often perform these data transformations in tools such as Excel, which are not designed for these tasks.

Enersight recognizes these challenges, and offers a solution called “Enersight Link” to quickly and reliably facilitate the transfer of data from ARIES to Enersight, without any use of Excel.

aries to enersight diagram

The integration process.

Introducing Enersight Link

Users can automatically import critical data from ARIES to Enersight in a matter of seconds. Enersight Link is capable of uploading production forecasts, capital, operating costs, land interests (net revenue interest and working interest), tax (state income tax, severance, ad valorem including tax credits), and any well attributes. Users can even import an entire ARIES database and calculate daily production in a matter of minutes. Enersight Link is capable of transferring data from any of the most popular systems, including ARIES, OFM, ProCount and others.

aries integration 1a

Selecting one of the many supported data types in Enersight Link.


After wells have been imported from ARIES, Enersight’s standard capabilities can be utilized on top of this imported data. For example, future wells can be scheduled using type curves that were created in ARIES. This allows reservoir engineers to create type curves in ARIES and planners can immediately apply them in Enersight. Field constraints (such as pipeline capacities) can be applied across the field development plan (including all producing wells and planned wells) in order to ensure sufficient capacities will be available.

How Does It Work?

Enersight Link reads ARIES expressions directly from the AC_ECONOMIC table. It understands how to interpret these expressions and transfer the inputs directly into Enersight. There is no need to calculate the ARIES cases beforehand — the ARIES calculations will be fully replicated in Enersight.

When a user clicks “Run Profile”, Enersight Link reads all relevant expressions and loads them into an Enersight project. Afterwards the project can be reloaded to see the changes that Enersight Link has made. It’s as simple as that! The entire process is fast, easy, and saves the end user hours which they can use for more important tasks. To update forecasts versions (i.e. to upload another ARIES qualifier), simply run the profile again.

Configuring an Enersight Link profile.

Configuring an Enersight Link profile.


With Enersight Link, the next time an employee is asked to update the production forecasts, perhaps the response will be “I already have.”

Take Projects to the Next Level

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About the Author

Joshua Groves is a consultant with Enersight Corporation operating out of Houston, TX. Joshua guides E&P companies to improve performance through integrated field development modeling. He specializes in streamlining workflows in order to advance forecast accuracy and efficiency, and he employs data integration techniques to facilitate this process. Joshua holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

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