Shale/Tight Oil & Gas Projects

Mastering the Variables: Thousands of Wells, Production Constraints, Water and Steam Capacity

Optimizing development of a shale gas play requires analysis of many complex variables including well capability, well inventory, rig and frac crew counts and availability, infrastructure, lease obligations and capital constraints.

enersight™ helps companies model complex development plans quickly and thoroughly, freeing asset planners and operations teams to optimize production and compare expansion and development strategies instead of developing and maintaining inefficient spreadsheets.

Advantages of enersight for Shale Gas Projects:

Complete, Risked Modelling

  • Model and quickly compare development scenarios of total shale gas assets
  • See detailed capital expenditure profiles for different plans
  • Define infrastructure and capacity constraints and analyze impact over time.

Visual layout of entire field development model

Optimal Development Pacing

Operational scheduling is integrated into development planning with enersight. It is simple to adjust rig schedules, well forecasts and facility limitations or expansions, so you can see the results of different development options and make important planning decisions such as:

  • How many rigs need to be drilling to maintain water injection at capacity?
  • When water handling capacity needs to be expanded?
  • When well recompletion is required?

Side by side comparison of production and capital across scenarios

Simplify Rig Scheduling

  • Automate drilling activity scheduling including drill to fill programs
  • Track and manage drilling programs with 1,000 to 10,000 wells
  • Efficiently manage pad drilling and completion schedules involving batch drilling, lease access restrictions, lease expiries, and other operations restrictions
  • Model performance improvements for cost and cycle time.

Update and manage development schedule within interactive Gantt

Production and Economics Modelling and Reporting

  • Analyst impacts of development changes
  • Forecast capital budget and rate of return by project or across all assets
  • Integrated US and international economics data for modeling

Decline analysis utilizing historical data

enersight - The Difference

  • Comprehensive -

    Factors in more variables, dependencies and risks than any other system. Accurate for diverse, conventional and unconventional plays.

  • Visual -

    Intuitive project view for faster company-wide decisions including quick comparisons of development options.

  • Unified -

    Asset, facilities, operations and executive teams share access to one planning and scheduling system with accurate, multi-source data.

  • Cloud Based -

    Cross-company access, rapid analysis, protected data, zero install, low total cost of ownership.

  • Complete view -

    Drill in on specific assets or see all business units at a glance – all modelled with consistent and reliable accuracy.

  • Real-time reporting -

    On demand latest estimates, budgets and rollup reports available to cross-company divisions.

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