SAGD Projects

Mastering the Variables: Steam Utilization, Pad Development Timing, Cost Management

SAGD is a complex business with capital projects in the billions of dollars, challenging production environments, and high operating costs. Leading producers must master variables like sequencing pad development optimally to match steam capacity – all to deliver consistent oil production on budget.

enersight™ unifies asset development planning, field development modelling and integrates activity scheduling in one system for accurate planning and ongoing reporting of SAGD development performance relative to plan.

Advantages of enersight for SAGD Projects:

Strategic, Achievable Planning

  • Develop accurate plans based on rigorous modelling and integrated scheduling
  • See detailed capital expenditure profiles for different plans
  • Rapidly compare various SAGD development scenarios and sensitivity tests

Visual layout of SAGD field development

 Integrated Asset Planning and Operations Scheduling

  • Model and optimize steam utilization for efficiency
  • Incorporate steam and oil capacity constraints into the model
  • Scheduling wells to meet steam capacity
  • Pick a pad development sequence for optimal plan economics
  • See when to start building pads for best production and know first steam dates
  • Automatically back out when pad capital needs to be reallocated to steam
  • Easily add or remove curtailments for new or mature wells 

Production forecast pad by pad

 Accurate Budget Forecasting

  • Better manage costs – capital, operating
  • Ensure economic returns with on-time deliverables
  • Optimize scheduling for fluctuating heavy oil prices
  • Detailed royalty calculations for SAGD projects 


Detailed SAGD scheduling – well or pad level

 Timely Reporting

  • Oil production forecasts kept up to date with operations schedule
  • Latest estimates available anytime

Side by side comparison of production and capital across scenarios

enersight - The Difference

  • Comprehensive -

    Factors in more variables, dependencies and risks than any other system. Accurate for diverse, conventional and unconventional plays.

  • Visual -

    Intuitive project view for faster company-wide decisions including quick comparisons of development options.

  • Unified -

    Asset, facilities, operations and executive teams share access to one planning and scheduling system with accurate, multi-source data.

  • Cloud Based -

    Cross-company access, rapid analysis, protected data, zero install, low total cost of ownership.

  • Complete view -

    Drill in on specific assets or see all business units at a glance – all modelled with consistent and reliable accuracy.

  • Real-time reporting -

    On demand latest estimates, budgets and rollup reports available to cross-company divisions.

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